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<i><u><h3>Used DBA-18 Glastender Drainboard</h3></u></i>

Used DBA-18 Glastender Drainboard

Price: $225.00

Glastender DBA-18 Drainboard that comes with a splash guard on the right side. The Drain Board is 18 inches wide and 19 inches deep with a 1 inch drain. It comes with a perforated drain board . more info
<h3><u><i>Used DBA-24 Glastender 24 Inch Drain Board<i/><u/><h3/>

Used DBA-24 Glastender 24 Inch Drain Board

Price: $265.00

Used Glastender DBA-24 drain board that is in great shape. It has a perforated pan that sits on top to allow the glasses to drain. It also comes with a speed rail so you can keep your bottles organized. more info
<i><u><h3>Used 3PG Autodoner</h3></u></i>

Used 3PG Autodoner

Price: $650.00

Used Vertical Broiler used mainly for Gyro meats, In good condition. 120/60/1 more info
<i><u><h3>Used Manitowoc CSA261BS Ice and Water Dispenser</h3></u></i>

Used Manitowoc CSA261BS Ice and Water Dispenser

Price: $695.00

Ice&Water dispenser in good condition.120/60/1. more info
<h3><u><i>Used Glastender IBA-30-CP10 Ice Bin W/ Speedrail</i></u><h3>

Used Glastender IBA-30-CP10 Ice Bin W/ Speedrail

Price: $695.00

Used Glastender Ice bin has a 10 Circuit Cold Plate and also comes with a Speed Rail for free. Its in great shape and holds over 80 lbs of ice. We Have 2 available in stock. more info
<i><u>Used Equipex Diablo Panini Press</u></i>
Used Equipex Diablo Panini Press
Price: $775.00

Equipex Diablo Panini Press, 208v 1 PH more info
<u><i><h3>Used FST-1X Hatco Flav-R-Savor</h1></i></u>

Used FST-1X Hatco Flav-R-Savor

Price: $895.00

Hatco Flav-R-Savor food warmer with 3 tier rack and humidity control. in good condition. 120/60/1. more info
<i><u><h3>Colorpoint Milk Cooler</h3></u></i>

Colorpoint Milk Cooler

Price: $1,250.00

Colorpoint Milk Cooler, in excellent condition. 115/60/1 more info
Used Toast King® Conveyor Toaster - Hatco
Price: $1,495.00 ea.

Toast KingĀ® Conveyor Toaster, vertical conveyor, countertop design, bread and bun toaster, approximately 960 units/hour capacity, stainless steel construction. Note: unit is a DEMO unit and was only used for 3 weeks!
more info
<h3><u><i>Used BB84 Glastender 3 Door Back Bar Cooler <i/><u/></h3>

Used BB84 Glastender 3 Door Back Bar Cooler

Price: $2,125.00

Used Glastender Beer Cooler in great shape for sale. The cooler has Three Glass doors that swing open. It works great and looks great. It has 6 adjustable legs to make sure that it will be level anywhere in your bar. 115/60/1 more info